Farplace Animal Rescue is a no kill animal sanctuary.

We always need support and our most pressing need is for regular standing order supporters... do see the HELP US section to register to help.

Our 5 acre dog exercise field above the sanctuary ensures all dogs have great runs and, thanks to our supporters, we rent additional kennel space from a boarding kennels to help Staffies threatened with being put down.

All our animals have a full care plan, daily paperwork for cleaning, health checks, food and water.

You can also text your support if in the UK....

Text LICK to 70300 to give £1
Text BEAUTY to 70300 to give £5
Text NEUTER to 70300 to give £10

We see 100% of the funds.  Service is provided by www.vir2.co.uk

Many thanks for all your help

We proudly put animals first and campaign against hunting, animals in circuses and the badger killing.  We think Breed Specific Legislation is wrong and punishes a breed when it should be on a case-by-case basis regardless of breed.

To buy our T shirts campaigning against the badger cull, see www.badgersomeoneelse.com

We receive MANY more calls for help than we can hope to take in. If you have an urgent need, do leave full details on our answerphone and, if we are able to help, we will call you back. We are unable to answer personally as this would take a member of our team all day at current rates of calls and all of our team are needed to look after the animals in our care

Do follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/farplacerescue


In the month of May, we have the chance to win some money from the Direct Debit people.  We are on a shortlist of 100 charities and the top 22 win a cash prize at the end of the month and the top 2 are significant prizes.  Vote for us here -


Or if you prefer to vote by Text you can text BIG BREAK 0412 to 78866.  Text voting is only available to UK residents and will be charged at your standard message rate.  

Do share this information with your animal loving friends

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