A gift in your will

Such a gift is the most amazing gift of all and will help Farplace Animal Rescue achieve our vision to grow a network of no kill animal sanctuaries acoss the UK and Europe.

Every supporter leaving money in this way wil have a section on our Tributes page as well as in our BOOK OF ANIMAL FRIENDS at each sanctuary.

We can also name a sanctuary or part of a sanctuary after you or a name of your choice for larger gifts.


Security and peace of mind for your pets

We can also, unlike many other pet schemes, GUARANTEE that your pet will be looked after after you die.  We work with you for gifts in your will and when we promise to take on your animal(s), they will either be rehomed to a new loving home or kept at one of our sanctuaries permanently.

To have a free confidential no-obligation chat about any of these issues, use the simple form below and our voluntary Chief Executive, Gareth Edwards, will call you direct.


Help Farplace when you make your will

We have joined a new scheme by Harvey McKibben Solicitors - the costs of making a will here are similar to other solicitors, but they donate 50% of this to Farplace Animal Rescue.  We think this is exceedingly generous and have therefore joined the scheme.  We can never endorse the legal skills of any one particular solicitor, so you would always need to check this yourself, but this scheme does have the advantage of raising us extra money at the same time.  Just visit HMSWills at any time and fill in their enquiry form, selecting Farplace from the choice of charities.

Bequest Enquiry

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