Many thanks to the wonderful people who have sent donations to help with the purchase and upkeep of the woodland. These include:
JR Hayes; Kay McClaren; GR Gratton; Norah Harvey; Mr & Mrs Stock; Barbara Winrow; Stanley Bowery; LM Smithson; Ann Layburn; LJ Watson; S&D Robertshaw; Jean Skinner; EA Wadbrook; Lydia Thompson; Marion Best; PA Bell; Muriel Woolven; Sheila Barrett; Mary Ashton; DP Pridham; Patricia Oxendale; Barbara Richfield; M Davies; Joan Cory; Kath Benham; K Billings; LR Timmins; Gina Szwelika; Jean Morgans; AV Tucker; A Tucker & Y Puttee; M Hodges; RB Watts; Virginia Earnshaw; A Smith; MA Brown; Eileen Allen; Elizabeth Jenkins; EA Champion; RF & JM Hoyle; FM Fletcher; H Cranston; Jennifer Overton; LJ & AL Hammond; Margaret Lawson; CJ Brockhurst; S Ackland; AD Sparks; M Holmes; R Toombes; Mr Bond; DR Maitland; H Wood; KM Evans; Sylvia Wood; George Titchmarsh; Julia Edge; Linda & Phillip Beaumont;

And many others who wished to remain anonymous.

Thank You!
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