frodo and bilbofrodo and thumper get acquainted in the bathfrodo and thumper in love

Frodo and Thumper

Frodo was re-homed with his brother Bilbo to a home in Renfrewshire.  Unfortunately Bilbo died 4 years later and Frodo was not happy living on his own without another rabbit to keep him company.  At the same time, Thumper became available for re-homing at the rescue and the new owner fell in love with her.  All we needed to do now was introduce them to each other and hope that they would be happy together.

Jan gave plenty of advice and Thumper came to stay, orginally living in a separate cage - within sight of Frodo's cage so he could get used to another rabbit being in the house - but far enough away so that they would not be able to upset each other.  There then followed a series of visits together in the bath with some carrots.  Both had been neutered of course, so that they wouldn't produce lots of little bunnies!

At first they were rather wary of each other, but they soon got to know each other, and despite a couple of scuffles to start off with, they soon became inseperable.  They now live together quite happily as house bunnies in the same cage, coming out to play regularly when the owner is at home to supervise.
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