Phoebe and Tommy

These pretty rabbits came in to the sanctuary on 3rd October 2009.  They are 3yr old brother and sister Tommy & Phoebe, and are a bonded pair who must stay together.  They are both neutered.
They are dwarf lops - but bear in mind that this breed are NOT tiny rabbits.
They are fully vaccinated.

PHOEBE AND TOMMY HAVE GONE TO THEIR NEW HOME.    Their new people sent us this update in May 2010

Just a quick message to let you know Phoebe and Tommy are both doing well. They have settled in quickly and are loving being out and about in garden. Both are full of mischief and like getting in to the hardest places to catch them. They're both getting along nicely with our dog russ too. Still as hungry as ever and wont go anywhere without each other.
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