Chelsea and kittens

Destined for Death

These adorable kittens and their mother were taken to the vet to be put to sleep because they were unwanted. The feral mother Chelsea, like many such cats, survived from whatever she could catch or scavage.
Fortunately, the vet refused and suggested they come to Farplace Animal Rescue where we will rehome the kittens, as they have not yet become distrustful of humans and wild like their mother. She will be neutered once they are weaned and either rehomed as a farm or stable cat, if she is healthy, or will stay with us at our cat hospice unit if she is FIV+, the feline version of HIV.
Caring for animals like Chelsea and her kittens costs money, and Farplace Animal Rescue is totally dependent on donations from all over the UK for all of its income, as we receive no state support from local or central government.
If you would like to help at any time, donations can be sent to Gareth Edwards, Chair of Trustees, Farplace Animal Rescue, Sidehead, Westgate, Bishop Auckland, DL13 1LE at any time or through our website

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